• Julie L. Mullock

Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) 2018

As a first time entrant into the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA), this has been an incredible and rewarding experience for me. I’m thrilled to have been awarded a silver medal for each of my three images submitted into the landscape category. The judging and awards ceremony for this print competition was held in Melbourne, Australia and I was glad to be able to attend in person.

It’s exciting and somewhat of an uneasy experience as you watch along with the audience while the judges critique your image. This competition has not only pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but has also allowed me to grow further with my craft.

Congratulations to everyone that entered, to all the winners, particularly the category winners!

Here are my images.


Title: Spellbound

Location: Manly, NSW Australia


Title: Pure Reflection

Location: Patagonia, Chile


Title: Autumn Mornings

Location: Patagonia, Chile