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Psst.. Did you hear the news?

A wildlife collection is now available on!

Grizzly bear cubs having a conversation

It's been a busy few months over at Julie Mullock Photography as we've been putting the final touches on a new design for our website and also working on a new wildlife collection.  I'm so happy to share the new wildlife gallery has now been published on with more images to be added in the next stage. I would love for you to pop by and have a look!


We have visited many beautiful locations over the years and I especially enjoy capturing unique wildlife in their natural habitat. I have always wanted to visit Canada in autumn as the landscapes look breathtaking! While researching specific locations, we came across the Great Bear Rainforest in northern British Columbia and learned about the unique ecosystem of the area. I was intrigued by the wildlife we could potentially see, so decided this would be the objective for the trip with the hopes of returning to photograph the landscapes on a different occasion.


As I quickly learned, wildlife photography can be quite challenging as there is no guarantee you will actually see wildlife let alone see them in ideal locations or with good light.  As we weren't sure what to expect, we decided to stay in two different locations to give ourselves the best chance of success.  This decision was instrumental as most of the images captured were from the second location.


I’ve found that wildlife photography requires a lot of patience and bit of luck. While in the field, you are constantly looking for wildlife but also considering composition, camera settings and lighting. One of the things I enjoyed most was observing the grizzly bears interactions while in their natural habitat. It was fascinating to see their personalities and I aimed to show this in my work. Overall, this was challenging but such a rewarding experience.  I hope to grow this collection over time as we visit new places.


I hope you enjoy the collection!


Warm regards,




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